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White-necked Heron    10_11_2023White-necked Heron    10_11_2023Spotted pardalote   29-09-2023Yellow-throated honeyeater  26-09-2023Yellow-throated honeyeater  26-09-2023Green rosella   25-09-2023Pied oystercatcher   24-09-2023Sooty oystercatcher 24-09-2023Tasmanian native hen   21-09-2023Tasmanian native hen   21-09-2023Elegant Parrot   06-09-2023Elegant Parrot   06-09-2023Grey fantail   15-08-2023Golden whistler  08-08-2023Fan-tailed cuckoo   08-08-2023Brown Falcon  22-07-2023scarlet-chested parrot  16-05-2023Australian owlet-nightjar  16-05-2023scarlet-chested parrot  16-05-2023chestnut quail-thrush  16-05-2023