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Sacred kingfisher  11_12-2022Sacred kingfisher  11_12-2022Eastern Spinebill  21-11-2022Chesnut-rumped thornbill 25-08-22Chesnut-rumped thornbill 25-08-22Varied sitella  25-08-22Brown treecreeper  26-08-22Peaceful dove  29-08-22Diamond dove  30-08-22Rufous songlark  31-08-22Rufous songlarkBlack-faced woodswallow  02-09-22Black-faced woodswallow  02-09-22White-breasted woodswallows  02-09-22White-breasted woodswallows  02-09-22Black-fronted plover  02-09-22Zebra finch  02-09-22Zebra finch, female  02-09-22Red-backed kingfisher  02-09-22Great Egret  (with spangled perch) 02-09-22