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Milkyway over Old Mt Nor'East woolshed ,WitchelinaMorning light on the Heysen Range, Flinders RangesBare hills and saltbush plains east of BurraSunrise at Moro Gorge, Gammon Ranges in the distance.View to the Gammon Ranges from NantawarrinaSunrise at "Googs Lake", far west of SAlate afternoon shadows, "Googs Lake", far western SA.Rain shower in the Flinders, view from Brachina lookout on Youngoona-Aroona trail.Mt John Roberts, Vulkathunha-Gammon RangesIkara-Flinders Ranges, near WilpenaThe Coorong  (near Mark Point)Barraranna GorgeBarraranna GorgeBarraranna GorgeMt McKinlay springsview from Balcanoona to Lake Frome roadFlinders RangesFlinders Ranges panoramaFlinders RangesBunyeroo Gorge road, Flinders Ranges