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Wildlife photographed on our property.
(Captions revealed if you click on a photo)
silvereye  16/05/21crescent honeyeater 16/05/21kookaburras 11-03-21red-bellied blacksnake 14-03-21kookaburras 11-03-21echidna  6-03-21tawny frogmouth  14-12-2020tawny frogmouth  14-12-2020tawny frogmouth  14-12-2020feeding the orphan  29-10-20magpies singing at the birdbath,  Jan 2019Kookaburra   10/05/20White-throated Treecreeper  22/04/20Kookaburra   10/05/20Golden Whistler (female) 22/04/20superb fairy-wren  24-01-2019eastern spinebill  2-02-2019eastern spinebill  2-02-2019Yellow-tailed black cockatoos  2-01-2020Western Grey & Joey  20-12-2019